What is Triple IPA?
By our own definition, Triple IPA is just like any other IPA, or Double/Imperial IPA, but bigger. Lots of hop character, often boasting an ABV of 10 percent or higher.

What is the Hop Mob?
“Hop Mob” is a term to define the concept of a whole bunch of triple IPAs being brewed at, essentially, the same time. This year upwards of 50 Washington breweries will release their Triple IPAs at the same time (February 4th).

What is the Hop Mob Roadshow?
“Roadshow” is a term used to define a series of events. In this case, a handful of events spanning the course of 10 days, each showcasing at least eight Washington-brewed Triple IPAs.

What is the Hop Mob Kickoff?
In addition to the Roadshow events, there is a Kickoff event on February 4th that features the largest selection of Hop Mob beers. The event takes place at Brouwer’s Cafe in Seattle. Expect to see at least 30 Hop Mob beers on tap.

When are the events?
The kickoff event is on Thursday, February 4th at Brouwer’s Cafe. Keep an eye on the calendar as Roadshow events are added.

When did it start?
The first year for Washington Hop Mob was 2014.

Why focus exclusively on Washington-brewed beers?
Because we can. Also, intensely hoppy beers are best served fresh, before the hop character begins to deteriorate, so shipping a Triple IPA to Washington from thousands of miles away is not ideal. Furthermore, the whole thing is intended to prove that Washington brewers can do it as well as anyone. Celebrate Washington beer!

Where did the idea come from?
More hops and less hype. A few years ago some local beer lovers, along with some local beer industry folks, mused about how they were getting a little weary of all the attention focused on the annual release of a much-ballyhooed Triple IPA from California. The original thought was to prove that Washington brewers can do it too. Now Washington Hop Mob has a life of its own.

How do I get involved?
Go to one or more of the events. It’s that simple. If you’d like to host a Hop Mob Roadshow event at your bar, you’ll need to be able to put at least eight of the beers on tap and provide patrons with a way to taste multiple beers:  provide sample-size pours, flights, taster trays, or what have you. Interested bars and breweries should contact Kendall Jones – kjones at washingtonbeerblog.com.

Is there an entrance fee for the events?
Generally, no. We leave that up to the individual bars, but typically there is no entrance fee.